Development course

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1、Our Company
As a new material company we aim to increase the value of our enterprise without taking dangerous risks or neglecting social and ecological factors. That makes our activities sustainable.

2、Our Strategy
We pursue three business strands: own production, distribution and trade. Our products and our service are of the highest quality, but there is always room for improvement. We are consequently growing our international involvement. That makes us competitive.

3、Our Clients and suppliers 
We work closely with our clients and suppliers. Together with them we seek improvements and solutions to problems on a basis of trust and respect. That makes us successful.

4、Our Employees 
Our dedicated employees participate in the company's economic success. The company offers them secure work places and satisfying working conditions and tasks. We prefer direct discussions, as we see problems as opportunities and not a reason for criticism. Our employees work in a responsible and results-oriented way. That makes us socially responsible and appealing.

5、Our Managers 
Our managers have sufficient scope for their own initiatives and decisions, and bear responsibility for the results in their respective sectors. They have a model function, giving encouragement while also making demands. Each employee have the same chances of promotion. That makes managing in our company an ambitious and varied task.

6、Our Shareholders
We will continue the current development by leaps and bounds, and continuously enhance operating results, in order to create the best interests of the shareholders for the Company.

To achieve the objectives behind our guideline, all of us must make our contribution in our respective fields.