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Located in Shenzhen, China, we have the innate advantage to import and export. We always choose the best level of raw material including corn starch, PLA, PBAT, PBS and so on. Also our advantages are listed as below

1.Manufacturing stage: Though our product is disposable, but we understand the tiny care from customers, and we take every single process in manufacturing seriously.
a.We have two times QC on the incoming raw material every time,.
b.We do Freeplant workshop from the entrance to exit every 24 hours.
c.We take disinfection by ultraviolet light every time when our workers make contact with our products, and then before package we do that again.

d.We have 3 times QA during manufacturing. One in the middle of producing, one in the packing and one will be random inspection. And that is what we are proud of .

2.Sales and Marketing stage: We understand good brand fame can bring more and more customers to believe and support our products.Take eco-friendly seriously we always believe what we can do is to provide customers loud and clear products they are using or purchasing. No exaggerate marketing ,no cheating on the material of biodegradable and compostable, we always do what we should to do. And we are a public company in China for years, and that is the reason we can grow bigger and bigger day by day in this industry, also in the international market.

3.After sale service: Our target is to built branch in main city around the world, to build local warehouse and hire local marketing teams in sale and after sale. We understand the importance of timely deliver and custom-made product range,also sufficient stock will be the confidence we can go to expand our business scope larger and larger. 
In the same time, we will update marketing strategy and product range based on our feedback and marketing research, which is also one of our important services to make our cooperation deeper and thorough.