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Hongcai shined in 2014 NRA Show

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Hongcai shined in 2014 NRA Show


As leader of corn starch Biobased and biodegradable disposable dinnerware manufacturer in China, Shenzhen Hongcai New Material Technology had attended 2014 NRA(National Restaurant Association) in Chicago from 17th,May to 20th,May.


NRA show is the biggest restaurant and hotel utensils show in North American, plenty of famous companies and groups had joined this big party to exhibit there latest products and philosophy. Coca Cola, Pepsi had taken the big place in the hall, all kinds of sandwich, hotdog, bake, sauce, beverage, food machine and hotel devices were all over the exhibitions everywhere.


We, Shenzhen Hongcai, had earned lots of fame and honor on this show. Since we had attended this show for years and every time we keep the same booth so our old and new friends will come and check our new biodegradable and compostable dinnerware including cup, bowl, plate, food container ,tray, cutlery, bag, electronic blister, hotel disposable goods, golf accessories, hospital disposable goods and baby CPLA dinnerware. Not only concentrate on eco-friendly products, we stretched our sight and business on all related scope.


To live a better green planet, to live low carbon lifestyle, we are still sailing! 

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